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BAZE: Anatomy Of A Winner

Russell Baze is thoroughbred horse racing’s all time winningest jockey with over 12,000 wins and more than 50,000 mounts under his belt.Yet as he enters the twilight of his career these untouchable numbers and records have not placed his name among the greatest athletes of all time.

How can such incredible accomplishments go largely unnoticed? Our documentary aims to find out.

The film follows Russell for more than five years as he sets or breaks almost every major record in the sport. Gaining intimate access to his daily life and intense dietary and training regimen, the filmmakers discovered talent, dedication and sacrifice unlike any other.

BAZE uncovers what it takes for a 57 year-old athlete to continually perform at the highest of levels and yet maintain a balanced sense of humor and a stronger sense of family.

SLAM - Documentary Short

SLAM follows Ricky S. Lam, an Asian-American man entering his first ever body building competition. After several years of planning and training, we watch Ricky’s intense desire and drive lead to his crowning moment, as he steps on stage to finally bear his brawn.

His name is Ricky, people call him SLAM.